Today I had the twins most of the day, and by the time they left I was exhausted and didnt really feel like doing anything. But, then I looked on Instagram and saw another one of the RUNnn deals from a coupon page I follow. And, for these kind of deals you do have to run, because they have thousands of followers who scoop up the deals and prices and they are gone as quickly as they come!

This deal was a "glitch". A glitch is usually, but not always, when a store accidentally loads the wrong price on a particular item, and someone finds out and tells the WORLD! Literally!

Sometimes the glitches are crazy prices, and sometimes they are just sales that arent posted or advertised yet. The one I got today- I think- just hasnt been advertised yet. But, who knows, and who cares? Anyway, a post on Instagram said the Softsoap holiday scents were ringing up at 24 cents a bottle at Walmart. And most couponers, including myself, hate Walmart, but deals like this are hard to pass up. So, I went to Walmart, found them- the price listed was $1.47 so I found a price checker, and sure enough, it rang up twenty four cents. So, of course, I loaded up my buggy! How often do you see a deal like that? Not very often! And that hand soap wont expire anytime soon, right? I may have overdid it, but I am still working on the 40 bottles of dawn dish detergent I bought over a year ago right now. So, I am not going to complain!

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