I remember the other half getting up this morning well I could just about acknowledge him with one eye slightly open, peeping through my closing eyelid. I could feel him fidgeting next to me twiddling my hair between his fingers and staring at me, I am pretty aware when I am sleeping if there is movement in the room especially if somebody is looking at me yet before I knew it I drifted back to sleep.

An hour or so later I woke up and found my hair to be all over my face, in my mouth and stuck to my dry lips- I am choking and coughing up strands and small clumps of my own hair. The back of my scalp feels like somebody's been pulling and tugging at it. I am beginning to think that this hair twiddling fetish he has is getting out of hand. I think he uses my hair like shaOlin monks use their prayer beads by feeding their thoughts in through the beads and out through the fingers only he is using my hair! I have decided that it has to stop or I will not have any hair left and a very sore scalp. He does it for comfort he means no spite- if he is not twiddling my hair he tries to twiddle his own. I suppose its like a a child that sucks his thumb except this kid is forty. Don't get me wrong, its nice sometimes when I am awake and know what his doing. It can be quite comforting but I think I will have to bring in the hair twiddling ban back again!