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What corruption actually is? Corruption is bypassing the honest way and get your work done by giving some money to government official. Corruption at political level is rampant in number of countries. It is said that by the money deposited in Swiss bank by top political official, the poverty can be eliminated easily , we can feed the poor people all over the world.

Especially this corruption comes in lobbying some bills, in defence deals, funding received from UN. During defence deals many lobby for their product and when deal happens, they take some money in the form of bribe.

So how it can be stopped? At least we can try at our level and should come forward to not give bribe to officials. Corrupt politician should be exposed in media. Other way is that if charges against them prove in the court, then there should be stringent punishment for them so as to set example in front of other people. If bubble users have any suggestion, it is most welcome.