Did you know that the fall of Adam and Eve corrupted the gene pool? The bible says that with the fall came the curse....work, physical death, disease, etc. Part of this equation was that the "perfect" gene code God had created became flawed. FURTHER intrusion was made upon the gene code when the "nephilim" were created.....a race of giants that resulted when fallen angels came and mated with human women, a tale recounted in the Old Testament. The gene pool had become corrupted. When the bible says God saved Noah and his family because Noah was "pure"....well, NO MAN is "pure" meaning "sinless" except Christ. What is meant by "pure" were his genes!

The nephilim were "sinning against creation, even the birds and the fish". They were CROSS-BREEDING angels and humans, humans and animals, anything they could do. Why? My belief is they were attempting to corrupt the gene pool SO BAD......that Christ could not be born into this race as they knew was predicted, to their demise. It was a futile act of self-preservation by the fallen angels who sided with lucifer.

So God floods the world and the gene pool is given a fresh start through Noah. BUT...human genes were still "corrupted" by the sin in the garden. In his birth, Jesus inherited the X chromosome from his mother, Mary. Women do not have the Y chromosome. Jesus inherited X and Y chromosomes from his birth father, the Holy Spirit. He did not inherit Adam's Y chromosome, he inherited a new one. This is another reason why I believe Jesus is referred to as "The Second Adam". Through the first Adam we inherit death. Through the second Adam we can inherit life. This fathering by the Holy Spirit essentially "restored" man's genes to their original condition........IN CHRIST. This is why the bible says one must be "in Christ" and why we must be "born again" through Him. We are not only credited as restored spiritually through Christ, but also physically!!

THIS is why, in my opinion, it is wrong to toy with our genes. The fallen angels did it and it didn't turn out well. God made our original building blocks and they should not be changed or manipulated. Just like leggos, when you change the leggos, you change the image, the image of God we were created in.

"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he has become a new creature."

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