At one time, several years ago, a friend gave me a similar pattern as this one, but it used a triple crochet stitch throughout. I started it with baby yarn and a size G hook. Big mistake.

It was so boring. I couldn't do it. The progress was so aggravatingly slow, I gave up and frogged it.

Here we are, three years later, and I am seeing so many gorgeous afghans being created using this pattern with a double crochet stitch. I think to myself "Self, don't even consider this! Walk away from the yarn!"

Naturally I told myself, "Mind your own business!" purchased 3 different shades of blue and began the process. I am doing 4 rows of each color, from light to dark. The progress is coming along better than I expected, and the best news is I am not completely bored out of my gourd with it.

It has to be seeing all the beautiful results and the stitch used. I do enjoy the dc better than the trc.

Photo c2c afghan @hgordon

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