I was going thru some posts and reading them. I also took the time to check out the sites of those who were complaining about not getting their payments. I might be a newbie too because I only joined last Nov. 8, 2012. I honestly forgot if someone referred me or what. But who and whatever I am grateful because thru this site I can write anything and everything as long as I am not violating any rule.And also thru this site I am able to earn, not just wasting time on the internet. Well when I visited the sites with the complaints, I noticed they posted 1liners, links only and just pictures. I think that is against the rules so that is why maybe they were not paid? Also placing requests to connect or like is also a no-no. So please for those who want to connect with me, just put connected and I know what to do. Please don't put requests to like and comment. Also I would like to say that I am sorry but I can not honestly like and comment on 1 liners, links only and pictures. Also I know one of the other rules was to write in the English language, not your native tongue. How could I like or comment on something I can not read or understand :( Please, I don't mean to hurt or insult anyone but I just want everything and everyone to be fair. Some of us really make an effort to post something worthwhile. Don't you think it is kind of unfair when people get paid for something not really worth it? I see so many people making very good topics to post. I don't want Bubblews to block or ban people form their site. It is not only Filipinos but there are also from India, Malaysia, Russia even US. So let us work hand in hand to make this site a success. PEACE AND GOODWILL TO EVERYONE!! #post #complaints #request #one #liners #links #pictures #fair #Bubblews #honestly #native #tongue