Last night's WWE Monday Night Raw had an interesting story when Cody Rhodes crossed paths with Triple H and was booked in a match with Randy Orton. The stipulation was that, if Rhodes lost, he would be fired. The two men wrestled a fantastic match but Rhodes ended up losing and Triple H came out and fired him.

As Rhodes left, he cut a great promo about how the McMahon family has always hated the Rhodes family. He pointed out how his father was a Hall of Fame star who was forced to wear polka dots and dance. His brother, "The Natural," was painted gold and has never been the same since. And now he is the latest to get messed with.

What is interesting about this story is the behind the scenes reason for the "firing." Cody Rhodes is getting married this week and asked for a few weeks off for his honeymoon. As a result, they scheduled this "firing" storyline to explain his absence. It resulted in a great little story and now Cody can enjoy his honeymoon and hopefully return fresh for whatever revenge he might get when the time comes.

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