Seen a fall in its sales, despite the drink is often accused of being harmful to health because of the sweeteners in it and the high presence of phosphoric acid, found guilty, when taken in large quantities, the demineralization of the bones, also and especially in children. The Coca Cola is also in the middle decades of boycott actions for the violation of human rights of workers in their factories located in Colombia. Thus, there is more than one reason to give up drinking and buy Coca Cola or at least try to reduce their consumption. If you still have stocks in the pantry, but have decided to put a stop to your addiction to drink, try to use it to put into practice some of its possible alternative uses. THE TEN METHODS 1. The Coca Cola acts effectively in combating grease stains on fabrics and can be applied on them for pretrattarle before proceeding to normal washing. 2. Not long ago, the drink has been used, together with the notes mints, as a fuel to power a car. 3. Try to remove calcium deposits from the bottom of your kettle pouring a glass of Coke and leave it on the drink for a few hours. The same effect can be obtained with the vinegar. Each track will disappear as if by magic. 4. Put forward the burnt bottom of pots and pans by pouring into them the Coca Cola drink and bringing to a boil. Thereafter it will be easier to remove the traces left on the bottom, with the aid of a brush for cleaning. 5. A glass of Coca Cola can be added to laundry if you need an additive that helps you to remove odors. 6. Coca Cola Advanced, which has now lost its bubbles, is an effective remedy for cleaning pots and pans and other copper objects, including coins. 7. In the cleaning of health there may be useful for the removal of deposits. 8. It can also be used by those who have a car to eliminate corrosion caused by battery leakage and to facilitate cleaning of the windscreen. 9. Use it, moisten a cotton cloth to restore shine to your jewelry and silverware. 10. Try removing the used by those who have a car to eliminate corrosion caused may be present on the bumper of your car inumidendole with Coca Cola and rubbing them immediately with a foil. In view of the uses to which it can do, still convinced he wants to ingest in your stomach?