WOW!! I just found a little known fact out and boy did it make a difference!!

Did you know that you are supposed to clean your computer screen from the inside once EVERY 30 days?? I had never heard this until a few minutes ago when my IT Friend chewed me out for never having cleaned mine!! According to him this is a little known fact that the Computer manufacturers keep hush hush so they can sell more computer monitors!!

The GREAT part is that it is an EASY fix and he gave me the link to get this done within about 60 seconds!! He also told me to share with my close friends as well and who is closer then ALL of you Bubble Buddies!! This bit of maintenance takes NO TIME at all and could save you hundreds of dollars!! I can't believe the difference in the clarity of my screen!! Here is the link:

Happy Bubbling!! MAJOR (Thumbs Up) :D ♥

Photo Credit: Jean Sherman Shepard