While I was browsing the internet this morning I came upon a cool, inexpensive way to heat an area. I apologize for not taking a photo, but I think I can give you a good mind picture.

I set a glass (metal would work too) bread pan on a couple of pot holders on a table next to my chair. I put three unscented tea lights in the middle and lit them. I put an upside down 6 inch clay pot over the candles. I put a scented tea light (could be unscented too) over the drainage hole and then put an 8" clay pot upside down over the smaller one.

Supposedly, the candles heat the smaller pot up, which heats the air between the two pots and makes quite a bit of heat. I set a thermometer in the spot I was planning on putting the heater and it read 65 degrees. I left the thermometer in the same spot and lit my little heater. I hope it puts out some heat--I'm always cold.

I'll write a post tonight with the results.

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