So EVERYONE is talking about this CircumNews site. You will allegedly get paid $2-$5 for each news article you read on there.

Ok, so I signed up to see for myself. I'm only up to $39, but once I reach $100, I will definitely be trying to cash out. The only thing is, I don't know if it is truly legitimate. I am seeing HUNDREDS of bloggers posting this and trying to get referrals. They are saying, "I cashed out $100+ already!" What they aren't saying is that they have RECEIVED the money in their PayPal account already.

I've tried to research, and I see some red flags: The site was registered less than 30 days ago. The site was registered in Ukraine. There are a lot of grammatical errors on the site.

Those red flags tell me it's a scam. But they didn't ask for personal information, that's why I felt comfortable signing up. I just needed to submit my name and my PayPal email address.

Here are some tips to avoid getting scammed (in general): When signing up for a site that has so little info, DO NOT use the same password for the site that you do with your PayPal. (Many sites know that people just generally use the same password for everything and will crack your PayPal faster than you can say Sugar Plum Fairy) Don't click on links in your email. Don't download anything in your email or on the site.

Has anyone actually RECEIVED cash in their PayPal or Payza account? Please leave a comment telling me your experience.