Well, I signed up for Circumnews.com two says ago on the 12th of November 2013. It seems easy enough...read articles and earn any where from $2-$5 per article you read. All you have to do is click on the article read over it and then confirm you are not a robot by entering the answer to a simple math equation like 40+21=?. Easy enough.

Apparently you get paid either by PayPal or Payza which seems ok. I figure PayPal is one of the most secure payment sites out there. So why not I sign up. My first day there were 10 articles to read. So naturally I read them and made $20 in about 10 minutes. Then I noticed that if I referred people to the program I would make $9 per referral plus earn an extra 10% for any article my referral reads.


So I joined a bunch of groups on Facebook and began to post my link. Within 2 days I am currently at $380 or so dollars. So according to the site their minimum to cash out is $350 so I decided to cash out at $354.00. The website says that payments are processed every 7 days and it may take up to 14 days.

My theory is I am not out any money thus far so why not give it a shot. You can't find out it is actually real or not until you try. Of course I would recommend making sure that your Circumnews.com password and your PayPal password are not the same just in case it is a scam though.

I will continue to market CircumNews.com and keep you all posted as to what happens. Once I have confirmation of payments made to my PayPal account I will post a pic.

If in the mean time you want to give it a shot too just click this link. http://bit.ly/HJPcBl

If you get a 504 Gateway error don't give up. It just means that there are so many people on the site at the moment that the servers are having a hard time keeping up.

If anyone else receives a paypal payment from circumnews.com in the meantime please post a proof pic so we can all see. Thanks!