Ok...so a while back I posted about how I was trying out CircumNews.com and told you that I would let you all know how it went. So here it is.....

The other day a lady on Facebook message me and stated that her friend had been paid via Paypal by Circumnews. So being the skeptic that I am, I asked to see payment proof by means of a screen shot. As you seen in the picture I posted, a screen shot was in fact sent. However, I have my reserves about it. If you ask me I think the photo was doctored. The quality of the photo overall is not that great since it's kind of blurry. This shouldn't be if it were to be a true screenshot.

Also, I do not know about anyone else but my PayPal account even with eBay's new set up does not look like the Paypal that's in the picture. Furthermore, if you look next to the payment it s says "Print Shipping Label". I have been paid from legitimate companies before using Paypal and it has never said that. When I get my payments from the legitimate companies it says, "Payment Details" not "Print Shipping Label".

If you ask me I think the ladies that are spreading this around are just trying to deceive people. As for my three pending payments, all three are still saying in process and no money has yet to be deposited in my Paypal account. According to their 14 day rule I should have been paid over 5 days ago.

I can attest that while doing Circumnews I have not picked up any new viruses, however I have noticed a few (but not many) emails in my spam folder that have writing similar to the Russian that can be found on the Circumnews.com website.

As of right now, I would say this is looking like yet another online scam.