The Chrisley Knows Best is a new t.v. show that comes on every Tuesday. Today was the first time that I was able to catch up on the shows that I have missed. I watched the previews of this show before coming out and I thought it seemed like a good, funny show to watch. The Chrisley family is Todd Chrisley and wife Julie Chrisley. They have five children, the youngest Grayson, Savannah, Chase, Kyle and Lindsie Chrisley-Campbell. The oldest daughter Lindsie is married with a son. Todd Chrisley, the dad is a very strict parent with many rules as the mother Julie Chrisley is with him on some rules, but feel he needs to lighten up a bit. However, Todd Chrisley feels different when it comes to raising his children, which is to keep a tight leash on everything they do.

Todd Chrisley, monitors his kids computer activities, checks the cell phone messages and has tracking devices on his children cars. He gives his honest opinion about what they are wearing without biting his tongue. He keeps an close eye on his seventeen year old son Chase. He feels he is up to something all the time. In one episode Chase leaves the party and Todd Chrisley noticed he is gone. He goes out to find he is in the car with a young lady and makes him get out the car to come back to the party. Then, in another episode he takes his computer and throws it in the pool because he was on something he should not have been on. Finally, Chase tries him again by disobeying and attending a football game to meet up with some of his friends. Todd Chrisley once again, check the last message on his phone and tracked his location. Chase came home and felt oh, well! At least I had fun, but explained to his dad, "he had to do, what he had to do". So, Todd Chrisley, felt the same way by putting boot locks on his car and steering wheel lock on as well. He comes out thinking everything is all peachy, but realize that his dad did what he needed to do. So, far watching this show it is quite hilarious at times.

I feel parents should know where their children is at all times and who they are with too. Monitoring computer activities and phone message is sometimes necessary for some children, but putting a tracking device on the car was a bit too much. However, Todd Chrisley will hover over his children as long as they are under his roof because he expect the best from each of them. Chrisley Knows Best is quite the comedy and I plan to continue to watch to see what happens next.