Today Chris Young announced more information about his new CD called "A.M." It will hit stores on September 17, but you can already pre-order it from Amazon. I love him! This album is going to have 11 songs on it. Here is the song list that came out today:

  1. ‘Aw Naw’
  2. ‘Hold You to It’
  3. ‘Lonely Eyes’
  4. ‘Goodbye’
  5. ‘A.M.’
  6. ‘Nothin’ But the Cooler Left’
  7. ‘Who I Am With You’
  8. ‘Text Me Texas’
  9. ‘We’re Gonna Find It Tonight’
  10. ‘Forgiveness’
  11. ‘Lighters in the Air’

I have already preordered my copy! Have you?