When it comes in Celebrity Scandal, it spread quickly in the internet and social media networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

It's been three days when the "Chito Miranda and Neri Naig video scandal" uploaded on YouTube and suddenly spreading all over the internet and still most searchable in major search engine like Google and Yahoo.

The "scandalous video" was uploaded on YouTube on Saturday after it was stolen from the house of "Chito Miranda". But now when you search the video on YouTube, you can't find it because the user immediately removed the said video after it goes viral.

But a collage screenshot images of that video still spreading on the web and so many people are searching on that, honestly I've also search that scandal video because I'm curious too. Unfortunately, I didn't watch that video so far.

By the way, Chito Miranda was posted on his Instagram account and apologize to his parents and Neri's parent about the scandal. That's video is private, and suddenly spread on the web after the robbing incident.

There's so many celebrities had gone scandalous video that have been affected their career, the question is... Why those celebrities still doing video on their intimate moment? what they want to prove?

They can video their intimate moment and watch it but they must delete it after they watched it. So in the end no regret.

What do you think about this "scandalous video" share your thoughts on comment box.

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