Photo Credits: Two brown chickens photo by Stephanie Henkel

The New York Times reported recently that the Department of Agriculture has approved four Chinese chicken processing plants to ship chicken to the U.S.

This will allow slaughtered chicken to be shipped to China for processing. Then the processed chicken will be shipped back to the US to land on our dinner tables (or local fast food restaurant). No U.S. food inspectors will be involved!

If anyone is confused, yes, this is the same China that shipped contaminated dog food to the US. Tainted food that was responsible for at least 500 dogs and some cats. This same tainted food made more than 2,500 animals sick.

Now the USDA has decided to trust China to process chicken for humans. And, by the way, because the chicken is processed, it won’t require any country of origin labeling.

In addition to the obvious concern that this meat will not be processed with the care that it deserves, I also wonder how chicken that has been slaughtered and given a world tour could possibly be in edible condition by the time it arrives back in the US in the form of a McNugget or in a KFC bucket.

As for me, I’m going to either find a butcher who buys meat locally or become a vegetarian!

What do you think of this latest development?

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