There are tons of summer movies aimed mostly at male audiences coming out this summer -- there are superhero movies like "Man of Steel" and "Iron Man 3," and sci-fi flicks like "Elysium" and "Star Trek Into Darkness." Many women out there will still enjoy seeing these films, but some will also be hoping to catch a few romantic, female-oriented "chick flicks."

Unfortunately for fans of romantic comedies, there seems to be a big shortage of them this summer. However, there is an interesting array of summer movies with female leads and romantic storylines for women to chose from. There's a movie about female vampire sisters called "Byzantium" that looks way darker than "Twilight," but Lily Collins is hoping that her action-packed supernatural thriller "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones" will become the next "Twilight." There are also raunchy comedies starring some very funny women and a modern-day version of a classic Shakespeare story that looks very intriguing. Some ladies might also love watching Emma Watson rob in the name of fashion in "The Bling Ring."

You can check out which chick flicks are hitting theaters this summer in the link below, and I've also included another list that ladies should love -- it's the hottest guys playing heroes in upcoming action movies. Photo:

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