It's true. The rumors are true. The Cherry Mobile Flare or Karbonn A9+ will get the Android's latest update, it will be the android 4.1 or also known as Jelly Bean.

Cherry Mobile Flare users out there keep your things ready :)

June 01, 2013. MARK THE DATE

Prepare your warranty card, your receipt, un root your Flare and get the stock rom back so that you will have no trouble when you go to the nearest service Centers in your respective Areas. If you don't have any Warranty Card or Receipt prepare a Php550 if you still want to get the OS update. Too bad Cherry Mobile will not make an Over The Air update For Flare because they said that they will change the phone's partition to maximize the memory of the said unit. So Flarenatics (that's what they call themselves) should make an effort to go to service centers if they want to get the latest update from Cherry Mobile.

If you all know, Jelly Bean is much smoother than Ice Cream Sandwich and is the most up to date Operating System of Android.

Here in the Philippines, The Cherry Mobile Flare was the most affordable, budget friendly, up to date Smartphone, so no wonder if many people go to the service centers tomorrow.

Many of Flare users here in the Philippines are so excited for tomorrow and prepared what they needed a day ago. But some are troubled because they don't have any of the warranty card or receipt. I'm also nervous 'cause I don't have a warranty card, but I have a receipt in hand.

See you tomorrow Flare users, Flarenatics. Let's enjoy our last day of using the crappy ICS :)

I will tell you guys what will be my experience during the update and after I get the Jelly Bean OS. Maybe tomorrow or the next day after tomorrow

Happy Bubbling everyone!

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