Have you ever tried these? I love chocolate covered cherries but in my opinion this is taking it a little too far. They definitely don't taste like the original chocolate covered cherries like i love so much.

I got these to try them and honestly i wish i would have just bought the regular ones. My daughter don't like chocolate covered cherries because she don't like cherries. My grandma loved chocolate covered cherries so much that at Christmas time every one of us in the family would buy her a box of them and she would get so many that she would freeze some of them and then when they wasn't selling them because it wasn't near Christmas she was able to pull a box out of the freezer and have them all year round basically. She was always so glad to get them. Now when i eat chocolate covered cherries i think of her and how much she loved them and how i would sit and eat them with her.

the picture was taken by me.