I am faced with a dilemma that only the heroic #Bubbleman can answer. "Time is money," and with time running short, I have analyzed my ratio of likes, comments, and views. I have also taken into account the hours spent liking, sharing and commenting and trying to help fellow #Bubblers. I never want to be a cry-baby, that whines about having too many connections. I don't know if there is such a thing as too many connections. I love my connections.

I have however, come to the conclusion that perhaps my previous philosophy of giving everyone a chance by connecting back has been a saboteur of effectiveness. Don't get me wrong, I am an effervescent personality that collects social media friends by the net-full, and helps everyone who asks. My Twitter account is insane and so is my Facebook account. I don't use Linked In much, but still have tons of requests and information. I guess there are not many social groups that I don't try to figure out. The problem is that just like Twitter, weeding out those that abuse connections is necessary. It is a very difficult without proper tools, and I see many are in the same boat-ride I am on. With Twitter, I have several friend management tools that make weeding out followers a simple thing.

I LOVE reading all my friends posts and I've had quite a few that seem to love my writing too. But, the time has come to honestly disconnect from those that are not offering either friendship or challenge . Does that mean I have to tell them on their profile -- for the whole world to see? I hope not - I am chicken to the max. Aren't you?

Right now, my views per article are at about 1/10 of my contacts list, does that mean I have about 100 steady readers? Or does it mean I have 500 steady readers that only see one out of every few posts I write? AND it seems those that like my stuff - really like my stuff!!!! I appreciate you all so much, and you know who you are! I have about 20% like ratio and that might be good, but maybe I need to step it up a notch and disconnect from some - so that I can focus on helping friends that are needing bubble boosts. I am having so much fun reading that I am neglecting writing, that is about to change. I also need to make sure that my philosophy is not walked on - in short, I need to Charge UP my Connection Ideals.

Will I miss out from too much? Should I stop connecting? Should I disconnect from all who do not visibly like or comment --- or maybe I should quite bubbles altogether and start over? #Bubbleman where are you - What Would Bubbleman Do?

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