I knew I wanted to learn how to make these Celtic bar paracord bracelets, since I first saw a picture of them. I had to adapt it a but to be able to use a buckle, but I think it turned out great.

For supplies, you will need... three 3 foot sections of paracord- I get most of mine on eBay for between $6 and $8 for 100 feet. This is a great way to use some of the shorter sections that are two short for other bracelet styles.

A buckle- I use a 3/8 inch plastic buckle for my bracelets- I got fifty from eBay for $2.75.

Scissors and a lighter- you can use matches, but a lighter is much easier.

Pick which color you want for the bar. I chose black, so from now on I will refer to these pieces as the black pieces. My other two pieces are two shades of green, so I will refer to them as the green pieces. Put the two ends of the black pieces through the buckle and pull them through the loop created in the middle of the cord. Bring your two other pieces through the loop and pull tight with the loop pulled tight in the middle of the green pieces. Tape the buckle down or tie it something. You should now have six strands hanging from your buckle. You will be working with the black pieces separately and the green pieces in pairs of one of each color. Bring the green pieces from the left side, over those on the right. Your black pieces should be behind them all right now. Bring one black piece from the back and over the two strands that are now on the right. Bring the other black piece under the green strands on the left, over the center black strand, and back under the green strands to the right. Bring the two green pieces on the right under the black in the center and over the green pieces to the right. Adjust the weave so it lays nicely. Continue in this fashion starting with the black piece on the right and continuing from there adjusting as you go along. You may need to pull the black in the center forward a bit. Continue until you reach your desired length. Put the two strands of the green through the buckle and hold all strands except your two black against the back of the bracelet. Do two cobra knots over these strands and the bracelet by bringing one strand over the cords. Them take the other strand over your first strand, under the center cords and through the loop created with the first strand on the other side. pull tight. Then start with the strand on the opposite site and do the same thing. The cobra knot is easier to see here www.bubblews.com/news/925096-how-to-make-a-survival-bracelet . Cut your two black strands close to the knots and seal with a lighter. Cut your other strands close to the back of the bracelet. Melt with a lighter and press firmly against the back of the bracelet. Now it's ready to wear.

You can find links to other paracord projects here www.bubblews.com/news/924557-quick-and-easy-crafts