Since I switched cell phone companies in June, I've spent a good bit of time with AT&T (my former cell phone provider) in addition to Consumer Cellular (my new cell phone provider). One of the problems that I've had is that our previously owned phones have not been able to log into the internet. Even though we have a data plan, CC tells me that since they didn't issue the phones, they can't help us. Because of that, the phone(s) are not able to send and receive pictures either. =(

In addition, I have spend a good bit of time on the phone with Allstate insurance regarding my auto insurance.

With being on hold, and then dealing with "customer service" with these 3 companies, my minutes are ticking away FAST!

Now I know why some people just say, "Forget it!" when dealing with their bills. It is a HUGE time waster waiting on hold in addition to having to make multiple phone calls in order to get customer service to fix things the way they need to be. I don't know about you, but I typically have to make at least 2, if not 3 phone calls before they get it right.

BTW, we have never figured out how to get the internet to work on our previously owned phones, but we can send and receive pictures. For now, that works!