My sister is a manager of a spa in a 5 star hotel so seeing some celebrities had been normal to her. Anyway before treatments they ask customers the brands of cosmetics they use before doing any treatments. There is this popular actress who endorses a commercial lotion, in the commercial she claims she owes her beautiful and sparkly smooth skin from the lotion she endorses. That’s what she said in the commercial but the truth is she is using an expensive high grade organic moisturizer as her lotion and also she goes to that spa to maintain her skin.

Basically all the beauty products this actress endorses on tv commercial, she don’t use them. She endorses them because she is being paid. Can you imagine, all of her fans are like sheep and they will purchase every product she will endorse on TV because her fans believes those products are her beauty secret.

I have a cousin who is a production assistant an advertising company; I remember he told me that an actress who endorses a brand of sardines on a commercial doesn’t eat sardines. In the commercial she eats a spoonful of the canned sardines and says it’s delicious…. My cousin said she vomited after the cameras are off. This actress said its gross and she hates sardines. So she endorses a brand of sardines despite of hating sardines.

I also remember Britney is a Pepsi endorser but the Paparazzi caught her drinking coke.

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