Hellooooo :) FEEL GREAT "CAUSE I"M HAPPY" - like pharrel williams sings! Friends thank you so much for your likes and comments! Thank for your great support! On way to home, in the car while waiting for my mom to get out of the shop, I checked my mail box because on 27th December I had clicked on the green button for the first time and I knew that bubblews will let me know when they are ready. I received an e-mail from bubblews in which was written that the funds are on the way and I will get my money after 3 to 5 days! Oh, thank God! Thank you, Bubblews site! I will continue posting and sharing my stories and feelings because I liked this site, I liked you from the first day when I signed up! Now I don’t do anything else just bubbling all day long and reading many different experiences of yours and I am so glad that I joined you, friends!

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