Cedar Key is a small coastal village on the southern west coast in the state of Florida, where the cats live in harmony with it's citizens, as part of the catch, spay/neuter and release program. After seeing donation jars in some of the shops, and looking into it further, I discovered that cats that once walked the community searching for food, and fighting, were now living in harmony, not as dismissed outcast.

Through the efforts of community, and outsourcing to a clinic, cats are caught, spayed, or neutered, checked out for disease, and given their shots. Over a two year period over 550 cats were entered through the program, and I'm told only a couple street savvy males eluded the team. This humane endeavor insures countless numbers of newborn kittens, will not suffer the fate of overcrowded cat colonies.

When I see a stray, or feral cat, I always feel a deep sadness for their plight, but at Cedar Key, the cat population has not been cast aside Though they may not lead the life of a pampered inside cat, they can enjoy an adequate food supply, and as this kitty shows, a morning basking in the sunlight.

Image credit: Cedar Key Cat (c)BeyondRoses

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