This morning I was snoozing away when all of a sudden I had the most vivid dream I can ever remember. It was so weird because it seemed to be happening for real and I can remember it clearly. I dream a lot but I rarely can remember much of it.

So, here's what happened in my dream:

I heard a loud noise and sat straight up in bed. Directly in front of me is my bathroom and I saw a black fluffy cat with some white markings falling through the ceiling. It landed on its feet (of course, don't they all?). Then my cat, Scarlett (see photo; I didn't get a photo of the imaginary cat) trotted over to see it. They both meowed and walked into the spare room.

I watched them leave my bedroom so I got up to see what was going on. The cat that fell through the hole in the ceiling had hopped up on top of my clothes drying rack that I often have set up in the spare room with clothes on it (the clothes are long dry, just not folded and put away yet). She was bellowing so I went over and opened the sliding door and she left.

Then I woke up for real! Isn't that strange? I don't actually have a hole in my bathroom ceiling. The only thing there is the exhaust vent, and it's not in the right spot for where the cat fell. Hmmm.

What does this dream mean, you think? I've heard of people dreaming of falling, but I transferred this act to a stray cat.

Photo Credit: me!

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