This site is very Best indeed in all sense.

We have a choice of selecting our profile from the 4 options :

Casual , Blogger , Informer , Expressionist Each has a different Profile layout.

  1. Casual : It’s a basic Profile. It shows the latest Post along with Top three Posts. The Comment is a at the Bottom so it take scrolling to reach comments.

  2. Blogger : It only show Current Post completely and other post need to be scrolled. No top Posts. Also comment on the Right Side.

  3. Informer : It shows 5 latest post with current post on the Top. 5 top post on the Sides. Comments are also on the right side which is easily accessible.

  4. Expressionist : It same a Blogger only difference is 5 Latest post is added.

My personal selection and have seen many Bubblers selecting Informer Profile.

It has Last 5 Post , top 5 post and comment easily visible.

One of the Best Organized and well designed Profile.