The episode of Castle last night had a bit of a science fiction flair. Someone who was briefly a suspect claimed to be from the future and that he had come back to prevent something that would have a disastrous effect in is time so twenty or thirty years in the future. Well Castle liked the story but really didn't totally believe it while Becket didn't believe it at all. Then at the end when the true bad guy had been caught and the guy still claiming to be from the future, two weird things happened. When the guy was leaving he left a "gadget" he had that he said allowed him to trace someone and Castle ran after him to give it to him. Castle was right behind him when he made a turn in the corridor but when Castle made the turn the guy had disappeared. Then when Becket was leaving, she knocked over a cup of coffee that spilled onto the original of a letter that a photo of had been part of their evidence. In the photo there was a stain on the letter and only after Becket spilled the coffee was there an identical stain on the original.