Cooking for my family makes them happy and it makes me happy because they tell me that they love my food. If you are love cooking, you are probably “picky” about the utensils you use in the kitchen. Every good cook knows the importance of an iron skillet. An iron skillet will give you the most precise heat you can obtain because the heat is distributed evenly across the utensil.

A cast iron skillet can be picked up at a yard sale or Thrift store but they are not expensive and they last a lifetime, if care for properly. The skillet has to be seasoned properly or food will stick to it.

The seasoning process means you fill the pores of the skillet with Canola oil, lard, or coconut oil. Wipe off excess oil and place the skillet in a 450-degree oven for 30 minutes. Cut the oven off and allow the skillet to cool at room temperature in the oven. You need to do this several times to create a strong #seasoning bond. The cure is complete when the skillet is a rich, black color. This is the sign of a well-used, properly seasoned skillet. Food does not stick to its’ surface.

#Cast Iron Skillet