Hello, Recently i did a post on cash task. When i did my posting on cash task i told everyone about how you get paid 1$ for preview on video clips and ads. Then when you spin the wheel you win between $1 or more dollars on the wheel. Well that was true and also you earn when you earn from your referral which you earn 10% of their earnings. Well that was true to. But i have some shocking news about Cash task i found in some of my review test.. In order to get paid you have to have $1,000.00 to cash out but get this you have to upgrade as a paid member to get paid. Cause as a paid member you pay $20 to upgrade and when you upgrade you get more in your earnings. which is a 25% percent earnings. So while i was looking at this i said what a big scam cause what if you are free member that mean you get notheing and got to upgrade. So i said thats it i had it with cash task site. Cause if i have to upgrade but get this when you upgrade they want you to show proof you got paid. OH well cash task i got to give you an F in my review cause you are no longer on my list to try to earn money from you.

Just to refresh your memory here is my last cash task posting i did http://www.bubblews.com/news/2170412-cash-tasks