Winnipeg, Manitoba is suffering through some extremely cold weather right now. The city in Canada is dealing with weather that has gotten so cold that cars are freezing to the ground. Melted snow has turned to ice and that ice is trapping ties on many vehicles in the area.

It doesn't stop with the wheels in some places, as the ice levels have reached the doors in many areas. As reported on the news today (Jan. 4), it has become nearly impossible to get these vehicles out of that ice. It's a problem that many people in the United States have never had to deal with.

With a deep freeze just about to hit most of the Northern United States, the issue of cars getting iced over or stuck in piles of snow could become a reality. The cold weather is about to make it almost unimaginable to be outdoors in some areas for any real length of time.

Have you ever been unable to move your vehicle because it was simply too cold outside?


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