If you have not yet heard of the 'Pretty girl, ugly face' phenomena, it's a photo meme where 2 photos of a girl are placed side by side, in the photo to the left the girl looks pretty, in the photo to the right she's pulling an ugly face.

I was recently searching for images of Cara Delevingne (as i was writing an article about her), when it occurred to me that she's the original 'pretty girl, ugly face', the meme being inspired by her. How many celebrities do you see delibertately pulling ugly faces for the camera? Almost none, clebrities like to be seen at their best, apart from Cara Delevingne who's been snapped several times sporting the most (deliberately) unflattering of facial expressions.

Although Care Delevingne is a true natural beauty, the girl proves that EVERYONE is capable of looking ugly, no matter how pretty they may be. But when women all over the world have stopped plucking their eye brows because of you, i guess it doesn't matter how ugly you can make your face look, even if you are a model.

Pretty Girl.. Ugly Face.