It’s been almost a year since my last car issue, so it makes since that my 21 year old car was due for another. I was driving to meet some friends for a hike, when my car starting to act funny. I started to lose power in my gas and my steering wheel got really stiff and started to lock up. I immediately went home and called my brother who is a mechanic. I’m glad I was able to make it back home.

He thinks it’s the power steering and said not to drive it unless its to the repair shop. It could lock up, so I plain on calling tomorrow when they open and seeing if I can drop it off for them to look at in the morning. I don’t have to be at school until 8 and a friend lives nearby if they can’t get my car in, who can give me a ride. If I can get in, my auto shop does free transportation while your car is in the shop. I’d take it in early enough too without the risk of being late. I just hope they can fit me in tomorrow since I’m going out of town Friday.

I looked up the cost for a new power steering and the estimated cost of repair isn’t too awful unless it completely locks up, then I’ll be looking at repair costs that are more than what my car is worth, ack. Oh well, 21 year old cars are expected t break down more often I suppose. Despite its age, it’s in great shape inside and out. It’s just parts that have been in for 21 years that are starting to break.

This kind of makes me wish I lived in the UK, Japan or European cities. No need to have a car!