Hi there i want to give hints for begginer in candy crush. Candy Crush is facebook apps, its a game and also availavle in Ipad and Android Phone. The gameplay in candy crush is just mixing candies with the same color to create an explotion ang complete the objectives. There are different objectives per level and the usual thing for begginer are followed

Objective: 1) Reach a certain score, for example in 20 moves you need to gain 1000 points. 2) Clear the jelly, the white tiles need and explotion to be cleared. 3) Bringing down the ingredients, the ingredients on top then you need to explotion to bring it down.

You can play the game here : https://apps.facebook.com/candycrush/ or download on appstore or playstore I will post more of candy crush tutorial later i got to get things up for school, God bless stay tuned.

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