• Please note: this cheat only works only on the 'Candy Crush Saga' Facebook app whilst running the Google Chrome Internet Browserr

Step 1 - Ensure Google Chrome is installed on your system.

Step 2 - Using Chrome, head over to - HERE and download the 'Do Not Track Me' Chrome Extension (which should automatically install after you select 'Add to Chrome'. (Ensure to close and re-open the browser after installing the extension).

Step 3 - Navigate to the Candy Crush Saga Facebook App

Step 4 - After your lives reach 0, select the level you wish to attempt and click 'Play'

Step 5 - When you see this screen, select the small X in the top right corner.

Step 6 - After you close the 'No More Lives' window, this window should pop up. Click 'New Life'. (See Step 7 if you see any other window)

Step 7 - The Advert will attempt to load but after a few seconds a notice will appear, reading 'Sponsored message could not be loaded click here' and a life will be awarded.

Step 8 - If you see any other page other than 'Video Ad'... Close the window, proceed to selecting a level, select 'play' and repeat until you see the 'Video Ad' window.