Candy Crush Saga is currently one of the most popular games on Facebook, and it is addictive. I don't usually play games like these, but seeing post after post about this game, I was curious and decided to have a go myself. I'm starting to wish I hadn't now as I have become a little addicted to it. Anyway, on some of the levels you have to start getting rid of jelly. If you have played the game, you will know about this. This jelly starts of being fairly easy to get rid of, but as the levels increase, it seems harder to get rid of, and I couldn't understand why. So I played a few times and finely figured out that the density of the jelly gets higher and you have to do more to get rid of the jelly on Candy Crush Saga.

Take my picture above, there are three arrows each pointing to a piece of fruit, but if you look, the jelly looks slightly different on each one.

Arrow number 1 points to jelly that only needs 1 more combo to get rid of it. Arrow number 2 is slightly darker and requires 2 combos to be made before it will disappear Arrow number 3 points to jelly that needs a combo to be created next to it in order to break.

Knowing this makes the game a lot easier, and now you can concentrate on breaking that initial jelly ( the one arrow 3 is pointing to) which makes the game that much easier.

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