There are a lot of really cool things about Candy Crush Saga, if you just started playing it and are having a little bit of trouble clearing boards and beating levels you might not be using the right kind of candy combination. There are three basic candy combos that can be created; a striped candy, a wrapped candy and a candy cluster bomb. While there are other things that can be used to clear a board like the swimming fish or the Lollipop Hammer, they are not things that you can create within the game board. You do have the option to purchase the perks but if you can create the striped, wrapped and cluster bomb within the game then save yourself some money. If you have Facebook credits you can opt to use those to buy perks if you are playing through the app at the website.

Making a wrapped candy isn't hard but most of the time I see the 'move' after I've clicked on something else. When I play on my laptop there is a little bit of a lag and it sucks for a couple of reasons; you don't get seamless gameplay and it give you just enough time to see a move that would have done more damage. To make a wrapped piece you need to have an "L" shape formation.


That crude diagram shows you where the pieces can be; the X's are random pieces, the O's are the target pieces and the question marks are the viable pieces that can be moved in to place to create the wrapped piece. It's easier to just look at the photo of the purple candy pieces to figure it out. With this set up you would move the purple piece that is on the left bottom up to move the blue piece out of place. That is going to remove a total of four pieces from the board (others will appear in their place if the area is not blocked by an obstacle).
The picture to the right is what the board will look like once you have completed the maneuver and the pieces of candy have been turned in to a wrapped piece. To detonate it you can match it with two other pieces of the same color for an explosion, have it next to any striped piece (does not have to be the same color) or use it with a cluster bomb. If you have two wrapped pieces next to each other, you can use those together and they do not have to be the same color. These can get great for knocking out sections of jellies or stones but they are amazing for removing 'layers'. In the higher levels you are going to have things that will have three, four or more layers of obstacles to remove to complete the objective. Knowing how these special pieces will work to your advantage can help you clear boards and progress through the game.

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Photos courtesy of King Games via my game board