If you are just starting out with Candy Crush Saga you might not know about the special pieces of candy pieces that can be created. The striped piece is one of the most common and easiest to make and it can help to clear a row vertically or horizontally. How do you know where it is going to travel? It depends on the stripes. If you can get bombs or obstacles knocked out with one of these it makes it a lot easier to clear a board. The best way to get the hang of how to use this special piece is to play around with it. No two boards are exactly alike and the things that are used on the boards vary from level to level so knowing the maximum impact of a detonation and what you are going to be able to clear with it will help you plan the best move possible.

To make a striped piece you need to connect four of the same color pieces of candy. If you connect five that makes a candy cluster bomb and that's another type of special candy that will do more damage by knocking out all of the color pieces of the candy that you select. If it is next to a red piece and you click on that and then the candy cluster it will destroy all of those on the board. If you can line up one of the striped pieces with a candy cluster it will turn all of those same colored pieces to striped pieces and then detonate them setting off rows of clear pieces, candies, jellies, stones or other obstacles. Looking at this photo, you would take the green candy that is in the left column and slide it in to where the blue one is. That will leave you with a striped piece. Because you moved the piece across the board in a horizontal move, the piece will detonate horizontally.

Photos courtesy of King Games via my game board