Last night I found out that there was nee update for Candy Crush Saga, what???? new update again, of c'mon, I am still dealing and stuck at level 440 yet there is new update.

This update is all about new campaign, sort of new world called Dreamworld. Tiffi got tired and fell on a deep sleep wherein Odus, an owl, bring him to Dreamworld. In this new campaign which in Dreamworld, new stages and level to passed through. Same way to surpass the levels, clear the jellies, request ingredients or reach a certain score with respective number of moves per level. The twist is, you better watch for Odus the owl, who is in the left corner of the screen, to fall down from sleeping. You have to balance Odus stay there while Odus is sleeping.

New stages with new levels again which is around 65 levels as of the moment. No need some tickets as well to get through the new episode. As of the moment, I am at level 14 in Dreamworld. Did you updated your game already. Enjoy playing the new twist in Candy Crush Saga.

photo by me.

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