Goals: in 50 moves or less bust out the stones (not required but it helps to free up the board), bust the coverstones and chocolates to drop the ingredients to the bottom.

Unlike other boards where you have to clear a part on a main board, this one requires you to bust things using combo moves. Connecting candies and knocking them off the center part of the board doesn't do anything to bust out the chocolates and coverstones on the left and right side.

There are four stone and chocolate stacks opposite the main board; you need to create horizontally striped candies to take these out. That isn't the only option though, the striped candy and candy cluster bomb (the black one) will cause a chain reaction that will turn all similar colored candies on the board in to vertically or horizontally striped pieces. That can really help to clear the side pieces but you have to make sure that you have enough of those colors in the four rows that you are trying to clear.

Please keep in mind that once you bust the chocolates and coverstones on the right and left side of the board the pieces will drop to the bottom; if you have even one piece blocking the chute the game will end and you will lose a life. As much as I hate to say it, I was half expecting to see a jelly at the bottom of the chute but that would have been extremely cruel on the part of King Games.

It’s a toss up as to whether the Android or Facebook version is better; you do lose a move when shuffling occurs when you are playing on the Facebook app but when you play on an Android device and the board shuffles you almost never get chain reactions or things that explode because of a connection.

Photo: King Games via my game board

I went back to the board a couple times to see if it was possible to get three stars; it was a matter of luck that I got the combos right from the start and that I was able to get them lined up correctly to take out the side walls.