Candy Crush Saga has out-surpassed Angry Birds for downloads and active players. That says a lot about a game and when you see the stats of it online its hard to imagine a game with such a simple concept would be such a huge it. Almost every single day that I am out and about I hear someone say, "Sugar Crush" and laugh. That's what you hear when you complete a level and sometimes those words are like aural heaven.

Goals: Get 20,000 points, destroy replicating chocolate pieces. The goals are different for Andoid and laptop play and I have no idea why. Both give you 50 moves to complete the level. I play them both through the Facebook app and have no idea why they are different. The board lay out is the same, the chocolates are in the same place and you get the same number of moves but the ultimate goal of the board is different.

When I play this level on my tablet (Nexus) the goal is to create two wrapped candies and detonate them side by side. When I play this on my laptop through the Facebook app the goal is to create / collect six wrapped candies.

Trying to make two wrapped candies and getting them to detonate side by side is almost impossible so I suggest you try playing this level on a laptop rather than a tablet. Creating six wrapped candies and detonating them is a little trick and since you are starting with 50 moves you can get a little overzealous with combo moves. I admit it, it is hard for me to pass up making a candy cluster bomb and while that helps to clear the board a little it is wasting a move.

There are two replicating chocolates that need to be squished. If you create a connected line next to a block of it, it will crush that piece or the pieces it comes in contact with but if there is a piece left on the board it will replicate with each move you make that does not crush a piece. You can explode the pieces any way you like but they must be detonated, you can't just make them and get credit for them.

When I played this on the tablet it was impossible to get two combos; I managed to get one set of wrapped pieces of candy next to each other and explode them but wasn't able to get another combo. I would probably still be on that level if I hadn't tried it on my laptop. If this level is stumping you, try it on a laptop or desktop through the Candy Crush portal:

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Photo courtesy of King Games