I do believe that one person can change the lives of many for good or bad. I always believe in the power of one. Most times we do not believe in ourselves and does not make the effort to change our lives and others lives. Whatever great changes history had witnessed or whatever new inventions that are made are made by one person. Such is the effort of one that can change the lives of many

Gandhiji was one person who gave freedom to India. Albert Einston was one person and so many and many people are all one person. Sachin Tendulkar was one person who changed the name of cricket.

So where does this one does mean. The one means is to give your best in life and determine what you want to do to change the lives of many. Check what you are good at and what you can do to give to the world and go for it. Believe in it no matter how many times you fail and try and try again and again until you reach your goal.

Be the one person trying to do something that can change the life of many. Sometimes it can be done through things you are able to do or you can accomplish and sometimes it is through your kind words and through motivating others. Sometimes it can be through helping others. All small things do change the life of many.