I've heard a lot of people say they have been able to quit smoking by using electronic or vapor cigarettes. The premise is they start out with a regular dosage of nicotine and gradually reduce the dosage each time they purchase their refills.

At least 6 of my neighbors have stopped smoking regular cigarettes this way. A couple of my neighbors have managed to reduce their nicotine levels completely to 0 and are simply using flavored cartridges because they enjoy them.

Quitting smoking is something I have tried to do so many times over the years that I've lost track. I've tried every way that I've ever heard of, patches, lozenges, gum, cold turkey, prescription inhalers, even Chantix with only sketchy luck and no long term benefits.

Well, I ordered an electronic cigarette express starter kit when I received my first e-check from Bubblews and I received it in the mail today. So far I really like it for multiple reasons:

1) No second hand smoke to worry about 2) No messy ash or stinky cigarette butts 3) much easier to learn to use than I thought it would be 4) Much cheaper than smoking regular cigarettes.

The express kit I purchased was $10.95 and included 2 cartridges, 1 battery and 1 usb charger. I also had another echeck clear today and I ordered another package of 5 refills for $14.50. Each refill cartridge is supposed to be the equivalent of 2 packs of cigarettes so that means each refill pack is the equivalent of a carton of cigarettes.

I have been smoking for many, many years and I'm not sure how this process of gradually weaning the nicotine levels works. One lady told me she ordered a lower level each month, another said every couple of weeks, and if any of you out there have any experience with it, I'd be thrilled for any advice you have.