Calamansi or Citrfortunella microcarpa is a citrus family associated with Mandarin and Oranges. This plant is very common in Southeast Asia particularly in the Philippines. It is familiar in the name of Kalamansi or Kalamonding. Calamansi is a small, usually green color fruit that actually gives many uses and benefits to human especially in the field of health and beauty. The most common of its uses, for cooking, bathing and as bleaching agent i washing stained garments. Calamansi is known to be used by lot of individuals as whitening agent that can be applied in some dark areas of the skin like underarms, knees and elbows. By rubbing a piece of calamansi fruit in the said specific areas. Calamansi juice along with the egg yolk can take off dead cells and permit new ones to grow. It acts as an anti-pimple agent when applied that allows the pores of the skin to open. It has a peeling-off properties allowing the the skin t restore and as well as take away uncommon wrinkles. Calamansi can also be use as a deodorant. It cleanses and freshens underarm by taking away odorous smell by applying calamansi juice on it.