Now are you wondering what the devil is a butinsky? As a child I heard that word and used it. In fact, I still use butinsky to define a friend I have. According to "a really annoying person who buts in." "Stop being such a butinsky."

Ever notice a friend or a family member who just has to put their two cents in every conversation or just being around all the time minding your business instead of theirs? That my Bubblews is a butinsky. Have you ever considered you might be one yourself? Do you put yourself in someone else's conversations or mind their business instead of yours?

i try not to be one but I have a friend who tells me what I should be doig as how. She calls, tells me how to handle things then says goodbye. Needless to say I am cooling the conversations to the point where I say yes or no, could be or maybe now. The phone calls are slowing down and I stead of calling me three times a week we are down to three weeks now. Am I happy about it? You bet your sweaty bippy I am!