Last week my mother talked to me and told me to always be careful with talking to other people, especially strangers. She told me about a neighbor who was a victim lately of a gang here in the Philippines, the "Budol-budol Gang".

I've heard about this gang years back but I did not have enough knowledge of how they rob other people aside from they are using hypnotism. The story of our neighbor was kind of scary because he did not even know why he did everything the criminals have told him to do. Looking at our neighbor, he was smart and very masculine, but he too did not know how did it happened. Now, I believe this criminals can victimize any kind of people. But of course, they also know who are rich and who's worth their tactics. I will be narrating the story of our neighbor for us to be informed and to avoid being a victim. Let's call him by a fake name, "Jun".

Jun was on his way home when suddenly a woman for about 40 years old asked him about a place. Jun answered, telling the woman that he does not know such place, then tried to step away because he was rushing to head home. Then the woman tried to stop him and touched Jun's arm. Then suddenly an older woman came by the other side of Jun. According to what Jun noticed, the older woman was like talking to someone on her cellphone, but as if the woman was praying or uttering some unfamiliar words. The first woman then spoke to Jun again and he noticed that the way the first woman speaks became faster and faster. Then the last thing Jun remembered is he gave his laptop, cellphone, wallet and silver bracelet to the two women in exchange to an envelope that contains lots of cut newspapers.

He was traumatized and could not really understand why he fell into the things the two women told him. It was very awful for him. And could also be awful if we let these criminals have a chance to make us their victims too. We should be very careful these days. Avoid talking to strangers who simply ask for directions or even time. We don't know what runs inside the minds of these people. They can act like rich people who drive cars, they can even look like tourists who were lost and should be helped.

Just be extra careful. Better safe than sorry.

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