I just wrote the best post ever! Well it was good, about me stealing a car. I hit submit and go to the stupid error, network is down page. I hurried and hit back page trying to save my post. It was gone! I hate when that happens. Time after time you all warn me to use word and then copy and paste. But I"m a Taurus and can be very stubborn! Hard ears makes a soft bottom, Grandma used to say. So then I wrote it over in word, this time it came out a whole page, and last time it was just 2 paragraphs. To make it worst one of my connects had a similar post, Ughhh. It is coincident? Yes it is, lol. Same age and both post are about cars. If it was for you Bubblews my post would have went up first, lol. No offense, but I hate looking like a copy cat, or a idea thief.

And on top of it all, my WiFi is going in and out. I'm going to read some post, hopefully funny one. so it could cheer me up, that just blew mine!