Lights, camera, Bubbling! The Bubble WS site seems to be improving constantly. Could video embeds be coming soon? At least, we can hope so!

Wouldn’t that be great, fellow Bubblers?

Many BubbleWS members, along with readers-at-large, enjoy perusing intriguing, entertaining, hilarious, or thought-provoking online videos. What if BubbleWS posts could contain embedded videos, as well as photos?

That would be so cool. Maybe @Arvind and &BubbleWSSupport1 and the @BubbleWS team agree.

So here it is:

BubbleWS Wish List #5: Please add video embedding capabilities for Bubbles.

Maybe that’s in a future rollout, so we can roll tape for readers.

Hey, reader: Are you Bubbling? (If you’re not already a Bubbler, you can join through the referral link at the bottom of this post.)

What’s on your BubbleWS wish list?

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