I was reading a great post by @Paulose and it made me think about Bubblews and why it is such a great site for me. You can read his post here: http://www.bubblews.com/news/1140336-run-for-a-balm-of-bubblews-mom

I think what is wonderful about this site is that we get validation for our feelings. In the real world everyone is so busy and in such a hurry that we don’t often take time to really listen to others or even to share what our feelings are.

While sharing our feelings with the most important people in our lives is very important to do time and opportunity don’t always present themselves at the moments we need it most.

At Bubblews we can share and have people ‘Like’ us and perhaps maybe even comment with a ‘me too’ or ‘I understand’. That is what makes this site unique and so beneficial. We share ourselves as well as being able to share reviews, entertainment, political stories too.

We get validated and after all when it comes right down to it isn’t that what everyone wants…to know we matter?

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